Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I usually never win anything...

...but this time I actually did win something!

I totally forgot to tell you that besides participating in the artfire competition to win a camera, kindle, or photo studio (which is still running until December 20th), I am also participating in an Advent competition on DaWanda.

Every day they ask you a question and you have to use your facebook account to be able to answer it. And every day they will pick a winner for a different gift. My winning question was "Which DaWanda gift would you give to Angela Merkel?" I found a funny cloth shopping bag with the writing "Fuck the crisis" on it and posted the link. :D It was one of two answers that won that day.
And our prize?

This funny cushion! I sent them my address yesterday, so hopefully it will arrive until Saturday! (Although, with that much snow outside I am not sure if the postman will make it to our house :D )

I wonder if that is a good sign and I will be lucky with the artfire competition, too? We'll see!

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