Monday, 6 December 2010

Artfire Competition - Part XIII

Need some unique ornaments for your Christmas tree? Have a look at these adorable tiny books. I'm totally bookish. As soon as I have time with no work to bug me in the back of my mind I could lie in bed all day and read and read and read and read. Therefore these ornaments would be a perfect gift for me and every other book lover.

And if you think ornaments are not really a personal gift, why don't you fill the pages with little personal messages? Or write down a wish for you or someone else every year? You'll be soon standing in front of the tree reading all the tiny pages.

The book ornaments are sold seperately. I'd get them all to have a nice collection to add to the tree, but if I was to choose one, I'd go for the red book. Red is one of my favourite colours and with the cute white snowflakes it feels a little more Christmassy to me than the green ones. But as set with 4 green and 4 red ones both colours would be great!

Here's the link to the red book:

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