Saturday, 4 December 2010

Artfire Competition - Part XI

It's hard to choose gifts from Artfire at the moment. Having 24 different wishes is quite hard when you don't feel the need for material gifts. Choosing supplies would be much easier, as I always have lots of ideas as soon as I see beads or other stuff I could turn into something nice.

Therefore I looked out of the window today and admired the beautiful shining white snow outside. So I just entered "snow" in the search engine and discovered this beautiful bracelet on the front page. In fact, it is a set that includes matching earrings, too.

I love the beads she used, especially the silver snowflake to close the bracelet around your arm. The glass beads she uses are all handmade, not by her but by other artisans.
This designer has various items from which she donates 50% to a charity project. This bracelet is one of these items. You can find this cute snow themed set here:

As much as I love it, there is also a negative side to it; the price. It costs $250 and therefore way out of my league. I already cursed my boyfriend for looking for an engagement ring that is as expensive as the one I wrote about a few days ago (and he would have picked an even more expensive one!). I wouldn't dare to wear the bracelet and earrings, being afraid that I might lose it somewhere or that i break something.
I understand that handmade beads are more expensive than the mass production ones and that she has higher supply costs. (Although the handmade glass beads I saw on Artfire and Etsy aren't that expensive either.)
And of course she wants to earn something with it and not just get the supply costs back. AND she wants to donate half of it to charity. Therefore the price has to be that high. But at the moment my priorities for spending money lie somewhere else than on jewelry.

Nevertheless, this set is a beautiful piece of artwork which you should get when you can afford it.

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