Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Steampunk Accessories Part 2

I got a lot of positive feedback on my Steampunk accessories. Hence, I sat down last night with the rest of my Steampunky supplies and made some more accessories. Here is an overview of what I've made last night.

This first watch cuff will be a Christmas present for a friend in England. Each year, we send each other Christmas gifts which contain German/English sweets and other stuff. She got to pick the bracelet and the watch she wanted, now she has to wait until Christmas to wear it! :D I really like the floral pattern of the cuff. It goes well with the bronze ornament and the detailed watch.

Here is another cuff, this time the centre is made of a clockwork setting. Swarowski crystals add a little sparkle to the edges. The cuff is plain, so the focus lies on the ornaments.

My last mini watch went into creating this beautiful cuff. Instead of adding crystals to the ornament, this one has beading on either side as well as a beaded chain. It looks beautiful on any woman's arm!

This brooch is an eye-catcher! I took the ornaments I used on the cuffs and added crystals on the flower ornaments. It is very fragile, so when you pin it on you better hold on to the clockwork in the centre to make sure you're not ripping off the crystals. As soon as it is pinned on you're fine.

This cute necklace is very elegant. the floral ornament frames the clockwork in the centre. Cogs form the link to the necklace's chain, a third cog dangles from the tip.

This picture shows the accessories I'd like to put up on sale. I've offered them to friends, first, should they not be interested in them I will put them up online.

When I ordered my supplies I came across this beautiful pocket watch. I've seen similar necklaces in stores before but there was never one I wanted to buy. But when I saw this watch I immediately knew that I wanted to make my own. And I love the outcome!

 Hope you enjoy!


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