Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Book Fair 2012

Finally!  Last weekend it was book fair time again!
For the past 4 years I've been to the book fair regularly. Last year I was joined by my husband. As we got married in September and he started his language classes right after that we didn't get to go on a honeymoon, so last year's book fair was kind of a mini honeymoon for us.
While Thursday through Saturday you can only look at and browse the books, on Sunday many stalls actually sell their books. Therefore we each brought a backpack last year.
The year before I went with my mother and sister and we used the free bags they passed out at the fair, but after a few hours of carrying the books around in bags started hurting our hands.
So my hubby and I thought we'd be smart bringing our backpacks. But we were waaaayyyy wrong. We found so many great books so that, additionally to our backpacks, we also filled free bags with stuff. And a backpack full of books gets super heavy after a while, too.

So, this year, we were even smarter. We brought a trolley that we could pull. It had enough space to hold both our jackets (it was extremely warm inside the exhibition halls) as well as our book findings. And we weren't the only ones. Many people walked around with trolleys, probably with the same plans we had!

This year's honorary guest was New Zealand. And with the movie coming up, The Hobbit was one of the major topics. They even had a Hobbit cosplay on Saturday, which we've unfortunately missed. But this super huge inflatable Hobbit book was still pretty impressive.

When I spotted an author my mother likes I immediately had to call her to see whether she already got the book or whether she wanted me to get it for her.

As you know, I am into Mangas, my husband is into comics, so after hitting the crafting stalls and browsing (and buying) their books on jewelry, accessories and drawing, we went on to the comic area and found this nice little booth that had all these graphic novels. Especially their version of Alice in Wonderland caught our eyes. They started selling their books 2 hours after the opening of the fair, so we hung out in the area until it was time to "ravage" their shelves. I think we got 5 graphic novels from their stall. AND: They had the drawer and the story board writer of this series above in the stall. So we purchased both books out of the series and had them signed. We even got custom drawings!

In the international section we came across these mangas that explained physics, databases, and other scientific topics. I swear, if I had a manga like that at school to explain physics to me, I would have done much better in school! :D

We spent about 6.5 hours at the fair, which can be really tiresome! So when I had to go to the ladies' room my hubby used the excuse to rest his feet while waiting for me. You can tell how tired he was from the look on his face!

The only thing I was interested in that we didn't make was the 3D-classroom. Being a teacher I was interested in how they wanted to integrate 3D into teaching. But the line in front of the demonstration area was soooooo long all day (and English and Geography weren't part of their demonstration anyway) that we decided to skip on that. 

Back home we spread all our new books on the bed to take a picture and share with our facebook friends and family. I think we've been quite successful and we're already looking forward to next year's fair!

So, if you ever happen to be in Frankfurt in October, make sure to check out the book fair dates and stop by!


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