Friday, 15 February 2013


Wow, it's again been so long since my last post. Since the book fair I was busy making Christmas gifts, helping out at the local Christmas market, and I was at the police station. My plan was to give friends and family members little pocket watches with personalized chains. I found the perfect ones on and even got lucky because they had a 12% pre-Christmas sale going on.
Unfortunately we have two different postmen. One is really nice and either rings your doorbell or leaves a message if the mail didn't fit into the mailbox. The other one, however, tries to stuff things into the mailbox if no one's home. I came home several times to mail hanging out of the mailbox. When I ordered the metal bracelets I had issues getting them out because they got stuck and I was really worried about damaging them. Now, I can only guess that it was his turn to deliver the mailbox, because when I came home I saw some ripped envelope hanging out of the mailbox again. But when I opened the mailbox I had a bad surprise waiting for me. I also had ordered two loop scarves for my sister and my mother-in-law. But when I opened the mailbox I only found half an envelope in the mailbox. Even the bill inside was ripped in half. The content and the second half of the envelope as well as the scarves were missing. I reported it to the mail company and they started an inquiry, but I haven't heard anything from them until today.
My best guess is that the mailman didn't push them into the mailbox far enough and someone just walked buy and pulled them back out. My package with the watches never arrived, so either it got stolen along with my scarves, or the mail got lost somewhere.
But you can imagine how frustrated I was. So instead I made everyone these butterfly necklaces. They'll get the pocket watches for birthdays/next Christmas then.

My mother-in-law admired the watch bracelets I had posted earlier that year, so along with a replacement for the stolen loop scarf she also got this bracelet:

My maid of honor and her husband got their first child on November 1st, so along with useful baby stuff she got this baby bracelet from me: the stars hoping for some good night's sleep, a little baby/child charm looking up to her, a comfy chair to sit in while rocking the baby, and a stroller for all the walks they'll do together.

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