Friday, 15 February 2013

Other steampunk accessories and experiments

These necklaces I call "Steampunk in a bottle". I have filled the bottles with tiny watch parts that I couldn't use in my other creations. I didn't really want to throw them away, so I tried to see what they would look like  in these tiny flasks that I had bought years ago and voilá! I think they are pretty neat and I like wearing them!

These cute earrings are Alice in Wonderland inspired. The white rabbit charms are losely attached to the gears so that they can move seperately.

I got a very pretty dragonfly necklace for Christmas from my husband's aunt. Her daughter is friends with the designers and they make some really gorgeous stuff. I had these dragonfly charms, so I thought I'd make my own smaller version, with different gears and different colours. I kept one of these to myself, one got my photographer friend for helping me with my Valentine's gift to my husband, and I still have one left to give away.

I like sets, so I also made these dragonfly earrings. The dragonflies are glued to the gears.

I like grammophones. I'd love to have one, even if it's just for decoration. My husband and I have been talking about turning one of the rooms into a steampunk room when we have a house. I'd love to have a steampunk living room. ;) But for now these earrings will do.

 Any idea what this could be? It's a pocket mirror! With some spraypaint, gears, glue, and that pretty owl it became a very nice steampunky mirror!

I've been back at the fleamarket for the first time in months and I found this great merchant who had a box full of clock pieces. I found the following two pieces there. What I like about them is the swinging part in the bottom. The first one I have decorated with additional gears. I was hesitant about adding a rhinestone because I think it is pretty as it is.

With the second one I am not that happy yet. I added some filigree base as well as gears and beads. But the special something is still missing. Maybe adding some rhinestones will give it an extra spark.

I love feathered earrings. Surprisingly I realised that I don't have a single pair with feathers. So I sat down and made several pairs of feathered earrings. These are the two steampunky ones I made. A friend of mine got the pair on the left, I kept the one on the right.

Here I was experimenting with colours. I got the chain as gift along with my order of gears. I've never made anything out of copper, so I experimented a little and made this. as you can see, the clasp doesn't match because I just don't have anything else in copper! Maybe I'll take it apart again and turn it into something else, who knows.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these arm warmers!!! They are my favourite winter accessory right now. I ordered some cheap arm warmers on ebay. I picked these because they had this part of different knitting on the hands because that is the perfect area to add something to them. I chose a filigree base, added these very pretty gears and the balloon charms. I then hand sewed them to the gloves.
I cannot state how much I love them, lol. I wear them every day when I leave the house.

 I wanted to have a steampunk costume for carneval. But going to a parade always means you need to carry keys, phones, wallet and stuff around with you and I wanted a bag that I could use for that. So I found these cheap bags on ebay (4,50€ each) and with some glue and gears and charms I turned them into a) a Steampunk bag and b) into an Alice in Wonderland themed bag!

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