Friday, 4 December 2009

Steampunk Clockwork Hearts Jewelry

The idea for this jewelry set I got from a friend from Second Life, Violet Voltaire. She made jewelry like that for her 30th birthday and wrote about it on Plurk:

I really love the double string necklaces and beads and I am happy that I found a store on artfire selling these beautiful heart clasps:
I have ordered from Lululalaland a few times now and their stuff has a really good quality.

Violet made a few simpler necklaces and started selling them on her artfire page:
Of course I had to get one for myself and it is absolutely adorable. You see that she has a lot more experience with this material than I have. I ended up with more acrylic paint on my fingers than on the hearts :D An the clay was quite sticky. I used FIMO soft this time. I am not sure if I can find brown as Classic version, too.
I still like my result, though.

Materials used: Polymer clay, Swarovski crystals, brass chains, various findings, clockwork cogs and gears

Now that I started using the brown clay I'll try to make gingerbread charms now. So keep reading, I might add another update soon!