Monday, 6 June 2011

Wedding Jewelry

You only notice how bad the TV programme is when you have to stay at home all day and entertain yourself.
Instead I decided to watch Sailor Moon on youtube (also bad and cheesy, but a childhood classic!) and work on the wedding jewelry for my bridesmaids and myself.

I really like the outcome and I am sure the jewelry will look great with the bridesmaids' dresses, but I am not so sure whether the jewelry necklace will match the dress. Maybe I also get a more sparkly necklace and then compare which I like better.

Our wedding colours are red and cream/ivory. So, the bridesmaids will wear very cute red dresses and my gown is in a lovely ivory with lots of sparkly beads. So the jewelry is supposed to match.

Anyway, here's what I made:

Bracelet: I chose different charms to symbolize the wedding: of course a pretty dress and shoes, and we need a mirror for our make-up, then we all ride in our carriage (car) to the castle to have a beautiful wedding. In the picture you see the bracelet for the bride. It has an additional blue bead which the bridesmaids' bracelets don't have.

Earrings: Also matching the theme they are made of red and ivory beads, Swarovski crystals and more sparkly stuff. The bridesmaids get a red version, I haven't decided whether I want to go also with the red version or whether I should wear ivory. Again I'll decide when I see it with the dress.

Necklaces: The bridesmaids get a simple but very beautiful version. Again you see the beads in our colours and they come with a cute "pot" pendant. They can open it and put something in it, maybe a tiny picture of someone they love, or a streak of hair, or whatever. :D
The bride's necklace has more beads and is a little more playful. But it is not as sparkly as the dress, therefore I might wear something else. But nevertheless, as we also have the civil ceremony that is independent from the one in the castle and therefore independent from our colour theme, I might make another jewelry set in the colour of my civil service dress (which is basically the bridesmaid's dress but instead of red I've ordered it in berry :D).

I hope you like these items just as much as I do! And I hope my bridesmaids will like them, too!

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