Monday, 16 November 2009

More stuff ordered :D

I've been shopping some more for material to work with on Etsy and Artfire. And I finally found a cheap pasta machine on ebay to use as well. I got 2 machines, hopefully one will be paid by the school as it is for the workshop.
And it looks like I'll get the OK to order stuff from a huge online store. So that means I'll get a huge supply of material soon. To safe postage fees I'll order some stuff for myself, too. I'll just need to ask if it is OK when I mark the school stuff on the bill to seperate it from my own.
I think I'll try to make some heart earrings and turtle earrings this weekend when I am done with my exam lesson.

My students were all crazy today. I don't know what it is with Mondays or if it is the bad weather, but I am always sweaty when I come out of school. I know that kids need someone to test their limits on, but it is tiring sometimes. I know so many ways to make lessons more interesting, but these don't work when I have to fight against 30 kids in different stages of puberty who find everything else more interesting than school. *sighs*
I hope that the jewelry workshop will get me a bit closer to some of them on a personal level and hopefully that will also transfer into the lessons and make life a bit easier as teacher.

So, back to work!

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