Saturday, 14 November 2009

First experimental items finished :D

OK, so here we go. They are all glaced now and look shiny and pretty. :D

The necklace gave me a real headache. First it was too short and because I had already sealed one end of the string I had to remove all beads again and start from the beginning. Then, when I had sealed the other end, I wanted to try it on instead of waiting until the superglue was completely dry. So the string slipped out again and the beads spead all over the floor. Took me a while to find all the beads again and then I had to start again. But I am finally done and I think it looks kind of cute.

I still like the Christmas tree, but the ground part was too uneven to use it in the snow globe. So I added the green bow instead.

I think the hair pin turned out pretty neat.

Isn't the wingless dragon cute?

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