Monday, 9 November 2009

1st package arrived!


Today the first package arrived. It contained a book about how to make FIMO jewelry and a jewelry bead machine to make beads of a regular size and form. The book is quite good and has some beautiful ideas inside. And it also has various lists of material I can use so that I now know what I am looking for.
I just scanned the book briefly, I'll read some more in it tonight when I am done with preparing lessons for the next few days.

Which reminds me: We have at least 1 case of H1N1 in each year. Last week there were only 2 confirmed cases, one in the 5th form, the other in the 9th form. Numbers exploded over the weekend, I have 2 students with swine flu in one of my classes, the others are OK, so far. But there are so many ill at the moment. I've heard from collegues that from 30 students in class only 15 were at school today. The others either have swine flu, normal flu, a heavy cold, or their parents are just scared that they could catch something.
Our principal raided all pharmacies today and bought all their supply of desinfection soap and stuff. Every class now has at least one of these bottles in the classroom and they got a letter for their parents with all the swine flu symptoms.
There is still no injection available at our doctor's, but I am not sure if I will get the shot anyway. Swine flu often occurs softer and less drastical than the normal flu. It usually is only heavy when you already have other illnesses, especially when you have problems with your lungs. I've never head a shot for the normal flu either and I have also never caught it, so why should I panic now?

Well, we'll see. Maybe they close down the school for a few days. Then I'd have more than enough time to work on the jewelry. ;)


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