Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Beginning


OK, I thought that I should tell you a bit more about how the idea of creating my own jewelry came to my mind and started to flourish.

My boyfriend and I were at the Texas Renaissance Festival ( this year. It was just awesome. All the artists and comedians, all these people dressed up in costumes, living their roles for a weekend. Food, drinks, merchants; everything was in theme. Both of us have been roleplayers for a long time, we've even met in a roleplay game, so naturally we've been fascinated and enchanted by this wonderful surrounding.

So we started to toss the idea around of having our own stall with our own stuff, becoming a part of the whole event. He bought us puzzle rings (rings that consist of 4-15 single rings that can fall apart and you have to put it back together in order to wear it) and is fascinated with them since then. He also would like to learn how to make hats. He has this costume idea that would make him look like Hugh Jackman in Van Helsing (sexy!).

<-- doesn't he look hot?
I myself then started to google a bit for jewelry components and ways to make your own components. I found a few online supply stores and the idea of creating individual jewelry from polymer clay. So this is where I want to start. First of all I want to learn how to sculpt with polymer clay, practice a bit, and then maybe make my first few jewelry attempts for myself and friends. And we'll see where it goes. Of course it is just a dream having a stall at the RenFest, but it is a fun thing to dream about. And doing something creative might help to release some stress from my real life job: being a teacher. LOL!

Oh, and something else I've learnt while being in America for the Halloween season: there are so many ways to torture your puppy! xD Maybe I should make puppy costumes, too! *giggle*

But for now I will just have to wait until my package with Fimo arrives.


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