Friday, 13 November 2009

I've been shopping

Today I had to go to the handicraft store to get some material for my little workshop at school. I bought lots of stuff, so I hope the kids will like the Advent Calendars. I might prepare one myself to show them how it is supposed to look like.

And while I was hunting down all the neccessary material, I also bought some FIMO stuff. I am too impatient to wait another week for my order to arrive. I wanted to do something creative now.
So I got myself a few small packages along with some beads, a snow globe set and lots of other tiny (but so expensive!!!!) things.
Because the material is so expensive I want to show the responsible teacher at school what possibilities there are with clay and what I could do with the students if we get the financial support. I'd then order all beads, clips, etc from a larger store to make it cheaper, I just need to get the official OK, first.

So, anyway. I started to test a few things I had in mind or saw in a book. On the picture below you see my first attempts before they went into the oven:
* the Christmas tree with the packages is for the snowglobe
* a dragon/dinosaur figure that was meant for the snow globe but turned out a little bit too big for it
* a flower hairpin
* lots of beads made from the rest of clay that I used for the flowers
* little dresses that will be turned into little angel earrings as soon as the wing beads arrive

I just took them out of the oven. Tomorrow I'll glace the beads and the hairpin, the dragon will get some acryl eyes, and I need to get better glue and some distilled water to finish the snowglobe. The earrings will be finished as soon as my beads arrive with the mail. I'll keep you updated on here.

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