Friday, 15 February 2013

DIY Steampunk Nerf Guns

I saw this steampunk gun at a friend's house and loved it. But I didn't really wanna spend 60€ or 70€ on a nerf gun. So I went on Amazon and looked at other nerf guns.

picture from

I ordered the following two guns: The first one was this little Jolt. I thought that if I could make a nice garter, I could wear this hidden under a skirt and pull it out when no one is expecting it.
picture from

The second one I ordered is this Nitefighter gun. I liked its size and the fact that it has a red light when you aim your target.
picture from

For my husband I also ordered a plain maverick. He used to have one, but he left it in the States when he moved to Germany. We're still working on turning his gun more steampunk, so the pictures for that will follow at some point.

When the guns arrived I wanted to take them apart and spray paint them. With the Jolt it wasn't too difficult because you could only take of the bottom part. With the Nitefighter I sprained one of the screws so that taking it apart wasn't possible any more. I wouldn't do it with the Jolt any more either, because when I put it back together afterwards the pressure wasn't right any more and the gun is not shooting any more.

Anyway, I used reddish-gold and bronze spray paint to spray the guns. The gold one I used to highlight a few areas while the bronze covers the whole gun.

I tried to spray parts of the jolt silver, but it was a metallic effect spray that didn't really work, so I used acrylic paint to turn them silver.

With some brown and silver acrylic paint I added more highlights. If I'm doing this again, I'll use real brown and silver spray paint.  Especially the brown trigger of the Nitefighter is tricky, because the acrylic paint is so thick that it rubs off when I try to pull the trigger.

And then the bedazzling (or be-gearing) started! With industrial glue I added lots of details to the guns, making them unique and special!


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