Sunday, 14 November 2010

Time for pictures!

We had some really bad weather the past few days, so it was quite dark inside the house. The lamps caused some odd light on my accessories, so I had to wait until the sun came out again, which happened this morning!
Therefore I can now finally show off my new accessories.
So, first of all my laced cuffs as well as a Halloweenish or Gothicish skull hair accessory.

While I was watching TV last night I felt a little Christmassy, probably because I cannot wait to see my boyfriend again. So I grabbed my pearls and beads and cloth and made some Christmas accessories.

The earrings will be up on Etsy and Artfire this evening. I'd love to put the hair band up there, too, but I have no clue how to keep shipping costs low and still ship it safely, so for now I'll keep the band at home. If you have an idea of how to ship it without breaking it, feel free to comment to this post. :)

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