Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Victorian Collar

Shortly after Halloween I odered some nice skull Cameos, because I had some rough ideas about what I could use them for. One of them was a modern, but still Victorian styled collar. And here it is.

I like how the bow and the beads add some additional elegance to the Cameo. And when you now think "Hey, doesn't this collar look like a dog's collar?", then I can tell you: Yes, you're right. I got the idea from someone I know on Plurk. She wanted to have a leather collar with spikes for a themed party, and used a dog collar instead. And it suited her well.
Now, when I was shopping for a new collar for my dog, I discovered the ones with the little crystals. They offered them in white, pink, and black. My dog is male, so the pink one was out of the question and as he is black, I got him the white collar. And then I thought "Hey, why don't you use the black one and give your idea a try?". So I got the black one for myself to turn it into a nice Halloweenish accessory. I have to admit, the leather is quite comfortable, but it is still a little tight when you try to eat or drink something. I'll wear it next Halloween along with my skull hair accessory.
What do you think? Should I explore the idea of using dog collars more, or is it a funny one time idea? Please comment. :)

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