Tuesday, 9 November 2010


Hi everyone!

The teacher exams are finally over and I feel like a huge weight is lifted of my shoulders. I can finally enjoy teaching again. No pressure of being watched and graded any more.
Especially in the past couple of weeks I felt the urge to just push all school work aside and do some creative work, like creating jewelry. While I was shopping a few weeks ago I got myself some woolen cuffs which I wanted to pimp so badly. So I went to the crafting store and got some supplies and started working. I still feel exhausted from all the studying, though, therefore the cuffs are not completed yet. I also made a cute new hair accessory, which will match the cuffs perfectly. Therefore I will wait with posting pictures until the outfit is complete. :D
I love it already :D

So, you stay tuned while I get back to work!

~ Sky

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