Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Artfire Competition - Part I

Artfire has a very interesting competition going on, with some awesome prizes! You can win a Camera, a Kindle, or a Desktop Photo Studio, all you have to do is tweet or blog about other artisans' items that you think would make a great Christmas gift and then post the link to your tweet/blog on facebook.
All details for this competition can be found here:

Therefore, don't be surprised when I am blogging more than usual and about other artisans' items. I could really need a new camera, as my flashlight refuses to work properly. A Kindle would be cool, too, because I would never buy one myself, and who doesn't need a Photo Studio to make your pictures look better.

So, here is my first item that I think would make a great gift:

I know Nutcrackers since my early childhood. We still have those nutcrackers. My parents had them even before I was born, so they must be over 30 years old by now. And this tree make the nutcrackers used to something very special.
Next item will follow tomorrow!

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