Friday, 15 February 2013

DIY Steampunk Cane

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures before I started working on the cane.

I found this cane at the flea market last weekend. It was only 3€ and black. It had scratches and the paint had flaws at the bottom, so I used sandpaper to roughen the cane and to get lose paint parts off the cane. The lower half was almost completely paintless, so much colour came off. I then used brown spray paint for the stick and reddish-gold spray paint for the handle.

I cut a piece of brown leather and used a body painting stencil and more spray paint to spray a gear pattern onto the leather. I punched holes along the long side of the leather and used some leather string to give the cane a little leather corset.

I twisted some wire and nailed it to the cane. With a cute setting, a gear and cameo I added more to the leather corset. from the setting I have chains hanging down with a dark purple and a music-note ribbon. And then I went crazy on the charms and added charms, beads, and gears everywhere.

I love the result. It is my kind of gentlelady cane!

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