Sunday, 10 January 2010

New plans for stuffs!

I love working with polymer clay. Time passes so quickly and I can relax from all the stress from school.
The bad thing about it: I need so much material for it (clay in different colours, various tools, jewelry findings, beads, oven, etc) that it is difficult to make stuff when I am not at home.

My boyfriend lives in America, so I spend my holidays either sitting on the plane or waiting at the Airport for him to arrive. Waiting can take quite a while, especially when his plane is delayed.
And when the board cinema on the plane only shows moviesyou're not interested in and you have neighbours that make sleeping impossible, then 10.5 hours can feel like years.

As a kid I loved crocheting. I made scarves and gloves and plushies. Too bad I didn't think that they are worth keeping and they got lost during moving houses or I gave them away. That must have been about 16 years ago. Now I have no clue how to crochet. And I have always failed at knitting.
So I've ordered 2 books, one for crocheting for beginners, one for knitting for beginners. Both include tips for left-handed people (weirdos like me :D). They should arrive Monday or Tuesday, so I'll start reading them next weekend. I'd love to make these crocheting hats you see everywhere, and bags, and gaiters. And I could make them while I need to waste some time. I don't think I'll need more than wool and needles, right? I'll just have to see if I am allowed to take them into the plane with me in my carry-on bag or if I would be a potential threat. Do you think you can take over a plane with knitting needles? ;) Just kiddin'.
But seriously, knitting or crocheting stuff is easy to store in a bag, so theoretically I could do it everywhere.

There are so many other things I'd like to try, like making my own candles or soap. Although making soap sounds dangerous if you're not careful. Maybe I can find a workshop somewhere that teaches you how to do it. Just following the online instructions might not be the best idea.

Then I saw some cute apothecary jar charms online the other day. I already found a store that sells the jars, but I have trouble finding gel that stays liquid. All I was able to find so far is gel that hardens, like resin. Although making resin charms could be fun, too!

And then there is another thing I've read about yesterday. It's called etching, a way to engrave stuff. Doesn't sound too difficult either, but working with acid isn't that safe.

So, lots of ideas, not enough time, lol. First of all I'll focus on learing the whole crocheting and knitting stuff. And of course I keep working on the polymer clay jewelry. But you only find out all about your talents when you've tried various things, right?

So much from me, lesson preparations are waiting for me.

~ Sky

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