Saturday, 9 January 2010

New Items On Sale!

Good morning everyone!

I've finally listed my new jewelry on artfire!

Here are some pictures to water your mouth!

These steampunk heart earrings are "left overs" from Christmas. Friends had asked me to make them some jewelry to give away as presents and I ended up having one pair of earrings more than I needed. So this is your chance to grab it! They are made of polymer clay, acrylic paint and small gears. And did you notice the extra bit of glamour coming from the Swarovski crystal?

Do you love cupcakes just as much as I do? Then these bracelets are the right choice for you. Three different flavours with sprinkles and cherry top.

Mmmmmmmm cake. I am currently working on different food charms. My favourite cake is marzipan, what's yours? So far I've made a lemon and cream cake with yellow and green marzipan rose, and an orange and chocolate cream cake with orange marzipan rose deco. Don't these look yummy? And they have absolutely no calories! They will just make you sweeter!
And the Swarovski crystal adds an additional spark to them.

Lollipop, lollipop - oh - lolli lolli lolli.... lollipop! bu dum dum dum....
I've made two cute lollipop bracelets for you to wear!

I hope you like my creations! Don't forget to check them out on


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