Saturday, 16 January 2010


OK, after having practiced for the last few days I thought I became good at knitting right hoops. I came up with my own little trick of holding the needles. Being left-handed makes it sometimes hard using the needles the right way.... or so I thought...
Well, I thought I'm done with practicing right hoops, I want to go over to practicing left hoops... Sooo, I opened my book and got kind of confused by the pictures that were in there... So I flipped a few pages back to the description of the right hoops... And there I discovered that I practiced them in the wrong way! My mother showed me how to knit the right hoops. She was telling me that she's knitting left-handed, too, but in fact she was doing the right hand version, holding the string in the wrong hand.
Now I was totally confused and thought i could just start practicing the other way... but that didn't work out that well either... so I guess I have to start from the beginning.
But before I am ripping it all appart I had to take a picture to post it here. After all, it was my first piece of knitting. ;)


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