Thursday, 7 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone!

I've been quiet over the holidays, mainly because most of my polymer clay stuff ended up as Christmas gifts from my mother to some of the students she's tutoring.

At least I managed to take a picture of the last 3 steampunk necklaces I made for her before she gave them away so that I have something to show off to you :D

My mom said that she's prefer them in silver for the young girls. I also made a star and a moon in silver for her.

My future mother-in-law got a bronze heart necklace along with some other stuff, my mother got a bronze star necklace along with her other gifts. I haven't seen my mother wearing the necklace yet, but I know that future mom was wearing hers to show it off at work :D

I also made more food jewelry, but I haven't had the time to take pictures yet and put it up on artfire.
A friend from England got a chocolate ice-cream cone necklace and two "lucky poo" key chains for Christmas. Why lucky poo? Because I spotted golden lucky poo on here: And because she's a huge Japanese fan I made her some lucky poo myself. She didn't get her present yet, so I hope she's not reading this blog post before it arrives.
She told me on facebook: "BTW in other news there's a little brown box winging its way to Germany right now... it doesn't contain a bomb... :)" and my reply was "There's a white envelope on it's way to England... it contains poo... :D" but I don't think she took me serious... If she knew!

Anyhow, I'll share my food jewelry with you tomorrow. It's too dark to take good pictures now.



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