Friday, 15 June 2012

Tophat Mania!

As mentioned in my last post, I was asked to make some tiny tophats for my friend's wedding. It took a while to finish them, because the shipping of some of the items I needed took quite long. But now I am proud to present you the results of that work!

As basic material I chose satin. It looks expensive and just right for a wedding. The colour of the bridesmaids' dresses is teal, so I wanted to work that colour into the hats. I didn't want them to be all teal, that would have been an overkill, I guess. So I went for black with a teal ribbon. The bridal hat is in a very pretty ivory with a teal ribbon. That way the bride still stands out but has a connection to the other hats.

To play some more with the teal I definitely wanted to use peacock feathers. So, as you can see, the majority of feathers matches the basic colour of the hat and a big peackock feather gives the hat a nice "swush!". There is another tiny peacock feather at the front of the hat. I chose those because of the very pretty glimmer they have. Lots of tull frames a flower cameo in a silver setting. The silver can be found on the other side of the hat again in a very pretty chain. It's a Louisiana wedding, so I am glad that the bridesmaids chose to go with the fleur de lis charm. I think it completes the hat.
To pin the hat to your hair I've attached a thin comb to the bottom of the hat. I hope you like the result and I hope the bride and bridesmaids will love them!!!

While I was working on these hats, a friend told me that she likes teal. As we're going to a Cosplay event next month, I decided to make her a hat, too. It's smaller than the bridal ones, the feather choice as well as the cameo and the ribbon are different, too, nevertheless I think it turned out to be a pretty neat top hat that will be an eye catcher at the CosDay! Now I just need to make one for myself. I already have an idea in my mind, so expect another tophat post soon!

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