Monday, 25 June 2012

Penny blossoms

Do you know The Big Bang Theory? I am a huge fan of that show and can relate to most of the characters one or the other way. I often feel like Penny, trying to achieve something great, or trying to realize your dreams. I wish I had been so popular with the guys as she is, though :D
Anyway, there is this one episode I've seen some time after the wedding where she wants to start her own business making flower hair pins. It shows how great your crafting idea is but how little you can actually earn with it.
But this episode reminded me of the flower hair pins I made for my wedding. I still had some leaves left over and I made myself another, less bridal, hair pin and a head band (and here I remember that I didn't take pictures of any of them!). I also ordered a package of coloured leaves, called "Bollywood package", in order to make hair pins in all sorts of colours. Luckily I remembered to take pictures of those. And here they are! I think they are pretty cute and can be worn with any outfit, no matter if summer of winter. I love them all!

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