Friday, 20 January 2012

What a year!

Hey everybody!

I know it's been a while, but since my last post a lot of things have happened: I found a new job, I moved, and I got married! My husband is now living with me in Germany and he went through several language classes with the Goethe institut. I am very proud of how much German he has learnt, even when he feels like he should have accomplished more. I think he is doing just fine and he will get better over time now that he is interacting with people. Although many of them switch to English as soon as they hear his accent. ;)

But let's step back a few months. Our wedding was fantastic and aaaabsolutely perfect! Everything turned out just the way we wanted them to. For it being the end of September we had wonderful summer temperatures.
We had two weddings, one was the civil ceremony with all the paperwork, the other one was on the castle I wrote about last year. The first ceremony was quite long and not very solemn, because all the official documents had to be read out in German and then again in English through the interpreter. That took a lot of time and there wasn't really much of a wedding atmosphere. But the party afterwards was great.
My dog team was there with all the dogs, my mom's friends were there as well as lots of neighbours. We had sparkling wine and orange juice outside the civil registry office and then rode back in our neighbour's horse carriage along the fields, waving to people who drove by in their cars. I wore a beautiful red gown with a golden vest. Both I got at David's Bridal in the US, just like my wedding gown. A friend of mine did my hair and make-up and she used the flowers I made as a very nice side accessory.

A woman who used to live in the village and owns a flower shop made my very nice bouquet. Of course I wanted to have my dog included in the wedding pictures, so I got him this very nice suit-neck-thingi to make him look more festive, too.

Back home we finished preparing everything for the polterabend and I had to finish the menu cards for the reception the next day. But eventually we got everything done in time with lots of help from the villagers. From what I've heard my new American family enjoyed themselves tasting all the wines and drinks at the village's hotel and made lots of friends. Everybody just loved the "crazy Americans" who were a lot of fun to be around with. My mom got congratulated for getting such a great new extention to the family.
For those who don't know what a polterabend is: it includes lots of people, lots of food, smashed plates that the couple has to clean up together, silly games, music, and people enjoying themselves.

The next day was just wonderful. Again great weather and I loved my wedding gown. The owner of one of the local hotels are friends with an oldtimer fan who rents out his cars. We got a very nice black car that he drove himself, we got a wonderful flower piece on top of it that matched my bouquet. We also got small bouguets for my bridesmaids and for the two mothers. The guys all got small flowers to attach to their suits. All of the flowers were red and cream, just like the rest of our colours. My bridesmaids were supposed to wear the same dress. I brought the one for my sister with me when I returned from the US, the other one had to be ordered. Unfortunately they messed the order up and delivered a junior size instead of an adult size. So my maid of honor got a dress in the same colour but in a different cut. It still looked fantastic!
The ceremony was also great. Our village's priest did great by making it a bilingual ceremony. She didn't really repeat her own words, but the message was close and very harmoneous. And of course everyone loved the castle and the rose garden with the grape vines hanging above us like a roof.

The view down onto the river was just beautiful. A guy I know from my teenage church group played the keyboard for us and he chose some very good songs to underline the ceremony.
After the ceremony we had our photographer take lots of pictures. We have so many pictures now that we love and we can't really decide which one's our favourite! The castle offered so many great locations to take pictures in.

After the castle we drove to our reception. All the menu cards were sitting there on the table and every guest got a little wooden treasure box filled with wedding almonds and M&Ms. We had packed those a week before and handed them to the reception people along with the menu cards. The cards matched again our colour theme and the invitations cards, they were just a little bigger and had more food related pictures on the cover. :D
The food was great. We had a buffet with lots of different entrés to choose from, we had 3 different main courses, and a huge ice cream pyramid as desert. Everybody's favourite was the crispy duck. Oh, and a wedding cake, of course, that was served along with the ice cream.

People are still talking about what a great wedding it was and that we put the bar up quite high for all the other weddings to come. My sister as well as my cousins, and my husband's cousins are not married, so they'll have a hard time matching our magical fairy tale wedding.

Oh, but as this is my crafting blog, I also have to mention that my wedding jewelry looked great on me as well as on the bridesmaids! ;)

Since then I haven't had much time to create. Work just kept me busy, along with helping and checking my husband's German homework for language class every evening. I didn't even have time to make my own Christmas gifts this year. Thank god to Amazon online shopping and gift shopping is so easy!
We spent Christmas in the US this year. All the family was there as well as our friends and their four big dogs. So you can imagine that it was quite an event! My husband got an iPad for Christmas, so since then he was quite wrapped up in exploring all the functions of his new toy. ;) After 2 days of me not being able to get him away from it I picked up knitting again and started a new scarf project. Originally, I wanted to make a hat as I got a hat for Christmas that I really liked and I wanted to make another one of that kind. But I was quite out of practice. That's why I started a scarf. I am still working on it. It turned out a little wider that I thought it would be, so it takes quite long to get some length to it. Hopefully now that we're back in Germany and I've been back at work for two weeks I will find the time to finish it bit by bit.

So much for now. I am not gone, just a little quiet. :)


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