Monday, 14 May 2012

Jewelry with a Japanese Twist

Hi everyone!

It's been a few months since my last post. Life has been as busy as always, but I still found a bit of time in the evenings to create some more jewelry. First of all, I totally forgot about my flower necklace that I made while I was lying on the sofa being sick at Christmas.
What I like about this necklace is the dark, non-shiny metal and I am glad I found matching beads and a chain that compliment each other. It's been one of my favourite necklaces that I've worn during winter. It looked quite nice on my turtleneck pullover.

As I've told you in my last post, I became a huge fan of Japanese culture. Therefore, browsed Artfire and Etsy for Japanese beads and I found some really cute Maneki Neko kitty beads that I immediately ordered and turned into my favourite pair of earrings. But I wanted to have a matching necklace, too, so I kept looking and found these beautiful flower beads. When I saw them I immediately knew what I wanted to do with them.
This set is absolutely my favourite jewelry set. Especially now in spring I am wearing it all the time. I ordered so many flower beads that I had enough to make a second pair of earrings, too, so that I can swap between the cute and funny nekos and the more decent flowers. But I just had to use two more nekos at the end of the necklace chain and I think they turned out really nice.

Along with those beads I also ordered some other Japanese flower beads. I used the first ones for a pair of earrings. They are kinda nice and they suit me, but I am still thinking about changing them into something else again. I don't know yet. Maybe I'll keep them the way they are and start on a new pair.

Now that it is spring, flea markets can be found everywhere. So my friends and I started going to them regularly. On our last trip I bought a pile of beads and turned some of them immediately into another jewelry set. The earrings might look heavy and, hell, they are! But I love them! This set became my second favourite to wear at the moment!

And now, as final note and to create some excitement for my next post: I was asked to make some tiny top hats for a friend's wedding! So I get to make 3 bridesmaids top hats and one bridal version.
I already started on the felt forms for the inside and am awaiting feedback on the first one regarding colour choice and accessorizing. So, hopefully soon you'll be able to admire my bridal top hat collection!

Until then!