Monday, 9 July 2012

Back from the Cosday

This weekend the Cosday took place for the second time in Frankfurt and I went there with a friend and my hubby to look at all the great manga and anime stuff. They had this bring and buy area where people could sell their old costumes, books and other stuff they would like to offer. So I brought my tophats and flower hair pins as well as some jewelry I had sitting in my shelf for a while.
I've sold the red top hat, several angel jewelry sets, some cupcake bracelets, some candy cane earrings and the steampunk heart earrings. Even if it wasn't much (I spent all that money and more on Detective Conan books somebody else sold in the bring and buy area =^.^=), it still helped me to find out what items people were interested in as well as helping me finding the right prices for items. And I got a huge pile of Detective Conan to read during the holidays!! :D